Set the Goals for the High School Football and Support Your Sons Wholeheartedly

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High school football is something that your sons might have been waiting for all this time. If you know they have strong interest in it, you should think of supporting them as their parents. Before you allow them to join the club at school, get them ready first with all of the preparations that we have talked before in the previous discussions. Once you are done with them, it would be the time for the goals to be set next. Let’s see how.

  1. Know the Capabilities and Passion

People, including the kids have their own capabilities and passion. So, don’t force yours to your kids. Having good understanding of their interest is the first good thing to do to set their goals. If you are the one who is going to set them for the kids, be realistic so you can stretch their abilities. Make the goals seem achievable for them. Setting football goals can be done by kids themselves. If so, have a good time to talk it out and support them.

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  1. Write the Goals on Piece of Paper

Did you know? There is this saying that unwritten goal is only a wish. When you write one, you will increase the chance it is fulfilled by 50%. It is because the goals written on the paper works like reminder for you every time you see it. It shows your commitment, thus encouraging you more to fulfill it yourself. If you just have a wish in mind, it will seem like a dream and you will be less and less encouraged. Written football goals are vital.

  1. Check on the Goals in Regular Basis

Just because they are goals, it does not mean that there will be no adjustment to then. Even if you have planned it, sometimes there can be one that was accomplished earlier. If so, set another to improve and encourage your kids more. If they are stressed by one, try to break it down to make it easier to achieve. Now, you see this is the kind of adjustments we mean to be done along the way for the success of football life of your sons.

  1. Be Supportive in Any Way with Love

Supporting your child is not all about working on the goals only. There are things you need to do and things you shouldn’t do when you see the end result. If the goals weren’t achieved, don’t nag or yell at your kids. Listen to their problems and be there for them. If the goals were fulfilled, you should celebrate with a little dinner or gift. Even congratulating them sometimes is enough. This is how you do with child’s goals for high school football.

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