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Class Olympics
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Monday, April 10, 2017
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WMHS Class Olympics: Event Descriptions


  1. Mathematics Contest:

    • 4 olympians from your team work together to solve bowl-style arithmetic problems quicker and more accurately than the other teams.

  2. Talent Portion:

    • Student(s) will display their talent in front of a panel of judges.

    • Judges will determine the winners out of each grade.

    • The winning team will be awarded 5 points, 2nd place gets 3, and the other 3 get 1 point.

  3. Checkers/Chess:

    • 3 olympians from your team will play against 3 olympians from another team and best 2 out of 3 wins overall.

  4. Cornhole:

    • 4 olympians from your team will work together to play against 4 olympians from the other team.

  5. Mile relay:

    • 4 olympians from each team will participate

    • Each of the 4 will run 1 lap, and hand the baton to the next person to do the same

    • The team to finish first wins

  6. Field goal kick:

    • 10 olympians on each team will attempt a field goal kick

    • The team with the most wins

  7. Long jump:

    • 5 olympians from each team

    • Team wins by most net yards jumped

  8. Free-throw shootout:

    • Each olympian on your team will take two shots from the free-throw line,

    • The team with the most made shots wins.

  9. Kickball Tournament:

    • Kickball single elimination tournament

    • Players from each team will be alternated throughout game

  10. Volleyball Tournament:

    • Single elimination tournament style event

    • Players from each team will be alternated throughout game

  11. Tug-of-war:

    • Olympians will line up on opposite sides of the rope

    • The first team to pull the opposing side over the marked line wins

  12. Kahoot/Play Station:

    • whole-team trivia challenge

  1. Spelling Bee:

    • The entire team will spell words as fast as they can

    • The team that spells the most amount of words in the allotted time wins

  2. Scavenger Hunt:

    • Find and take pictures of things in this school that you never realized existed

T-shirt reminder: Please do not forget that your team must wear shirts all three days of the olympics! The primary color of the shirt must be your team’s color, and the shirts must include team name (Country) and grade somewhere on them; design and anything else is up to you! Please encourage your students to wash their shirts each night, as they will likely be sweaty, and please don’t hesitate to contact us (Lucas Johnston, Austin Elliot, Destiny Goode, or Allison Glenn) if you have any questions!


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