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Calhoun Scholarship
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017
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Calhoun Community College offers many great scholarships and we don’t want your students to miss the opportunity!   The deadline for scholarship applications to be submitted for the upcoming academic year is March 1st.  To date we have had only 58 high school seniors apply for scholarship assistance.  That means that there are hundreds of high school seniors walking in your hallways and in your classes today who are probably coming to Calhoun, may very well be eligible for scholarship assistance, but have not applied.  After March 1st, that window of opportunity will be closed for them.  Even if they are just thinking about coming to Calhoun, they need to apply for a scholarship with our Foundation.  We have money to give away, but we can’t give it away if they do not apply. 


We need your help to reach the parents too.  I suspect we all have reached the students, but the parents are the ones who understand that college is expensive and the importance of applying for a scholarship.  If there is any way that you could get the word out for us, I would be quite appreciative.


The application is free and can be accessed at:  All they need to do is apply for admission, fill out the FAFSA and the Scholarship Application.  Please encourage your seniors to apply!


Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions to or by replying to this email.


Thanks for your help!

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