West Morgan High School


West Morgan High School was established in 1961, this public school now is the home to the rebels. The Address at 261 South Greenway Drive in Trinity, Alabama and is part of the Morgan County Schools

West Morgan High School Map

For more Information visit this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Morgan_High_School

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Most Fun High School Halloween Party Ideas


Celebrating a Halloween night party with your high school friends, it will be very exciting. However, it depends on how you plan the party. To make it more exciting and merrier, you have to find high school Halloween party ideas properly. Make the party as fun as possible! So, the Halloween party will be memorable.

Exciting High School Halloween Party Ideas

If you set the Halloween party with fun activities, you and your friends will enjoy the party so much. So, how to realize a merry party? In this article, we have some high school Halloween night party ideas that you can try.

  1. Costume Contest

One of the ways how to make the Halloween party great is by holding a costume contest. You can divide it into some categories so that there will be some winners based on the categories.

halloween costumes contest

halloween costumes contest

The categories may include scary costumes, funny costumes, etc.Let anyone wear as unique as Halloween costume. Halloween costumes are available in various models at stores and you can also make your own Halloween costumes.

  1. Scary Movie Night

Halloween is identical to something scary. Together with your high school friends, it will be great if you all watch a scary movie night.

Scary Movie Night

This belongs to one of the most fun Halloween party ideas for high school. You should not be afraid because you watch it together. This activity makes you and your friends really feel the scary nuance during the Halloween night.

  1. Playing Games

Games are always fun. So, why do not you fulfill the activities of Halloween night party with playing games? There are many Halloween games that you can play with your friends.

high school halloween party games

In this idea, you have to find horror games. However, any other kind of game is also good. The key is that you have to be able to make everyone involved into the game so that you all can feel how fun it is.

  1. A Show

If your friends have some talents, let them make a show in the Halloween party. Everyone is allowed to join the show to make it more interesting. The show can be musical show, dancing show, magic show, or any other show. Of course, it will be very awesome. Let the show continue until everyone is satisfied and is tired to celebrate the Halloween. You can follow these high school Halloween party ideas for the next Halloween this year.


Gallery of Halloween Party Ideas

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4 Things to Do to Get Ready for the Highly Anticipated High School Football

rebels high school football

High school football is really that of something that has been highly anticipated by lots of students, especially when the football season comes around. If your sons are not yet to join the club but very much interested in it, parents should think of getting them ready for it. That being said, there are actually lots of things to learn and prepare to do such thing. So, give us the chance to tell you some of them here. They are important to know.

  1. Learn the Basic Rules of the Game

First things first, you can’t allow your sons to be too ignorant about what football is all about. At the very least, they should know the basic rules of the game itself. There are offence and defense in football. So, they need to know what position they will likely be playing. Their body type determines the position they will be in. Once you get the answer, focus on training the basic techniques to get their body ready for that football position.

  1. Join a Football Camp in Local Area

Once they are ready with the basic knowledge and a bit of practice for the suspected position, you should think of enrolling your sons to football camp. There should be at least one in your area. This camp is what will give the basic drills and exercises. Sure, they might have already done the drills themselves, but getting them from the camp will improve your sons more. It’ll be good to enroll if you don’t know how to exercise the kids.

  1. Go Try Working Out at the Gym

Becoming and being football player is all about training after all. You should never stop doing it when you are one. Just because you are knowledgeable enough and have enrolled the camp, it does not mean that you have done enough. Go to the gym and start working out too. Make sure to do cardio exercise for cardio performance and strength exercise for building your strength. These exercises can help avoid possible injuries.

  1. Look for Drills and Train at Home

Are we done yet by going to the gym? No, we encourage the kids to keep doing the practice even when they are at home. You might not know much about it, but you can search for basic football drills on the Internet. There should be many of them out there. Once you have found the right one, try training your kids with it as much as possible it is to be done. Then, you can get the kids’ body ready anytime to play high school football.

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